Kitchen floors
Entry ways
Counter tops (wet process)
Shower enclosures
Garage floors
Pool decks

Carpet and Upholstery

And much more!



Tile, stone, brick floors
Lobbies, entry areas
Offices, hallways
Kitchen areas
Counter tops

Carpet and Upholstery
And Much More!

Learn more about what we can do for all of your hard surface cleaning needs!

Step One:

First we use a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate the dirt that’s ingrained into the floor (that’s why mopping never removes it, allowing it to build up over time).

Step Two:

We then use our patented floor tool that applies cleaning pressure. At the same time the water is being applied, it’s also vacuum-extracted at 5 gallons per minute, leaving the surface almost completely dry.

Why waste more time and effort "trying" to clean your hard surfaces the old fashion way? Highlander Hard Surface Restoration LLC offers fast, effective, and affordable solutions that work on any hard surface: natural stone; travertine; brick; concrete; and stucco. We can do it all - vertical or horizontal.

Our specialty is cleaning tile and grout, but we do much more. To your left is a list of additional surfaces we clean with our specialized equipment.

Five  reasons to have the floors at your commercial premises regularly maintained by us:

1 Higher income potential

As word gets around that your environment is regularly deep cleaned, people will want to do business and spend more of their hard earned cash on your products and services.

2 Great looking floors

Not only will your customers love your improved environment and fantastic looking floors, other companies will want to do business with a company that takes great pride in it’s place of operations.

3 Safer environment

With all the grease  (cockroaches love to eat grease)  and bacteria removed from your floors this will reduce the chances of slips and falls, therefore, reducing the possibility of personal injury claims against your business. Moreover, less sore throats and sinus problems for your staff due to reduced air bacteria from your floors. Indoor Air Quality Findings Resource Bank (IAQ-SFRB) found that IAQ effects human health and work or performance.  90% or our time is spent indoors. The World Health Organization estimates poor IAQ can costs American employers as much as $60 billion annually.

4 Poorly maintained floors are damaged floors

Grease and grime can permanently damage grout and the base of your tiled floors. Grease can turn acidic and cause cracks in the grout and base of the tile. Therefore, a regular deep cleaning program reduces the chances of future costly repairs.

5 Higher staff retention

Take care of your employees through taking care of their environment.  Your employees will enjoy coming to work even more and be proud to work in a clean, safe and happy environment and be less likely to call off sick because of the improved and maintained indoor air quality (IAQ). 

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